As an events company that primarily works outdoors, we have the capability to cause a large amount of damage to the environment, whether that be from leaving litter at our venues, lack of recycling, noise pollution or leaving on power when it is not needed.


With one of our company values being respect, we understand that we have a responsibility to ourselves, to the environment and to the general public, to ensure that we are taking steps to respect our planet, as well as our clients and suppliers, and decrease our carbon footprint to the best of our ability. So what do we do to create a recycle-based society and help prevent global warming?



We have taken inspiration from the likes of Michael Eavis and Glastonbury Festival, an event that attracts thousands of party-goers each year and has to suffer the aftermath of the event on their beloved farm. As well as being close knit with charities such as Greenpeace, who are known for exposing and confronting environmental abuse, the festival also uses compost toilets and hands out eco-friendly tent pegs, since unfortunately not every festival-goer is mindful about leaving their camping spot in the same way they found it.



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These things show just how passionate Michael Eavis and his team are about environmental sustainability. And it is that passion which drove 96% of tents to be taken home in 2019, a dramatic increase from previous years. Just like Glastonbury Festival, we are hoping that if we shout about our environmental management enough, we will encourage other people to jump on the bandwagon.


The element of our environmental management that we get questioned about the most, is our plastic usage. Running festivals and using catering stations and bars means that we get through cups and crockery very rapidly. To solve this problem we use the high-quality, bio-product palm leaf, for our plates and bowls, as well as wooden crockery. This is a win-win for us, because not only are these products eco-friendly, but they give that extra festival feel.



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One of our suppliers Party Plastics provide us with bio-degradable plastic cups which we use with paper straws, usually two of the biggest culprits to destroying our oceans and harming all kinds of wildlife from sea turtles to birds. Whenever we inform our clients that we use these products, we receive nothing but positive response. 



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At each event, we delegate separate bottle bins behind the bars to prevent any glass going into the general waste. We also accrue team members to do a walk around and check the bins to see if there are any that need separating. Although we cannot force clients to increase their budget to cover the extra cost of having a recycling skip as well as a general waste skip for their event, it is something that we highly encourage. There is nothing more disheartening than looking at a full skip and knowing that over 50% of the stuff in that skip is recyclable.


On the topic of waste, we regularly use Greenline Environmental, who are based in London and the South East and who transport their waste directly for reuse or recycling. Any waste that cannot be reused or recycled is sent to Energy For Waste.


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We have recently joined up with OLIO, a sustainable food business that connects communities with local businesses so surplus food can be shared rather than thrown away. We need to remember that when we waste food, we’re not just wasting food, we’re wasting all of the resources that went into growing it. Leftover food also emits a lot of methane gas when it rots, which contributes massively towards global warming. OLIO is an incredible company for helping put a stop to this and we are proud to be involved with them.


Luckily for us, we have a compassionate team that is absolutely passionate about doing their bit to save the planet, so environmental management is something that comes quite naturally to all of us. With most of our team consisting of vegans, vegetarians and volunteer workers, we constantly find ourselves brainstorming on how we can continue to do more for Earth’s sustainability. “How about we suggest using branded, reusable cups for our corporate events? Why don’t we collect plastics in the office into a plastic bottle, to be passed on and made into Eco bricks? Why don’t we create competitions on the de-rig days of our events, to encourage people to leave their campsite immaculate?”



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These are just some of the reasons we have no fear in progressing further with our environmental management. We are excited about the fact that we are ever-learning and ever-growing and we are grateful that we can put these planet-saving policies into practise and trust our dedicated team to support us with them 100% of the way, not because they have to, but because they want to. 




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