Embracing corporate festivals

Max’s golden rules for the perfect party playlist ​

As the Creative Director of I Do Festivals I have been spending quite a bit of time putting together the playlists for our Silent Discos. I love putting together playlists that will make people get up and dance for hours on end because it is exactly what I expect (and quite often demand!) of a great night out. In putting together these playlists it got me thinking about some important rules to making a great party playlist that I thought I would share! These are by no means definitive but are a fun few ideas that I like to follow when thinking about what can and can’t go in a party playlist!  How fast can you side step to the song?Let’s be honest…when you are at a wedding and dancing the majority of people are not going to be pulling slick dance sequences like Beyonce or Bruno Mars! The least you can hope for is darn good side step with a bit of a booty shake. Then everyone can take it from there in whatever direction or shape their body wants to throw! So it’s key to make sure that the songs you choose have a high energy beat that can get even your granny moving! I often get requests for songs that I just have to say no to because as great as songs as they may well be they aren’t going to get people moving. And that is key! Singalong factorAs a DJ and also as a punter there is nothing better on the dancefloor than the rush of when a classic singalong tune comes belting out the speakers and the crowd goes mad! That moment when you realise what the track is and turn to your friends with a big scream of delight is such an adrenaline rush and I am always aiming to give people that buzz. So often that comes from putting on big well know banging tunes whether old skool classics or current earworms. Everyone loves a number they can sing along to! Which brings me to my next point… Personal preference has to go out the window!If it were up to me I would probably play a mix of Kate Bush, Tina Turner and Grace Jones all night long! But that is a recipe for a party for one! Even at a party of my own I know that combination is only going to satisfy people for a couple of songs. So you have got to play to what the majority of the crowd wants if you are to keep the people happy. Give them what they want but sometimes what they didn’t realise they needed!! Some of my favourite moments have been playing a song that you had forgotten even existed but is a total classic. The look on people’s faces when they realise what it on it’s way is priceless! These are just a few of my golden rules for putting together the perfect party playlist! The question now is…WHAT ARE YOURS???​

You rock, so shout about it!

You rock, so shout about it! ​

Are you a little bit bored with the same black tie event and looking to put something on that really creates a wow factor for employees? You are not alone, many businesses are looking to diversify and put on memorable events that celebrate their achievements and map out their goals. The Corporate Festival Company are award winning event organisers that are part of the Mother company and brand, the I do festivals Group. We combine our specialisms of organising top-end boutique festival events, with our vast knowledge of business and enterprise. Our management team have backgrounds in commercial and public sector senior management and are highly experience in delivering the needs and requirements to commercial customers.   The 'I Do Festival' group can supply a one stop shop for festival infrastructure, from marquees, catering, sound stage and lights and in short, everything you could possibly need to put on a breath-taking event that will demonstrate to your team and your clients that you dare to do something different. You stand out from the rest in your industry, so stand out from the rest at your annual event. One thing we all noticed, from our previous lives with attending and helping to orgainise corporate events, is that it can all become a bit fragmented. The person you have been planning the big day with for months isn’t even there! That is certainly not how we work! We are strong advocates in face to face consultancy during the planning and your appointed event manager will always be there to make sure that what we have promised, we excel in delivering. Internally, our aim is to become your “go to” partners annually. Of course, we value any custom, but for us, our working relationship is all about creating long term strategic alliance. We want to get to know your business, what makes you all tick and most importantly, what makes you stand out from your competitors.Festivals, especially boutique festivals have become more and more popular over the last decade. We can’t promise that it won’t rain, but we can promise that even if it does, your event won’t grind to a soggy halt! We have all of the finer touches available at our fingertips from luxury loo’s, as it’s not really Glastonbury, through to soul bands and fine dining caterers. Make a difference, plan something exceptionally extraordinary, just like you!  Diversify into the great outdoors with all the touches that you would find in a hotel. Show your team and your clients that you are energic, full of life and ready to embrace change. You rock right? Then call us today to help you plan a corporate event with a difference, put that benchmark into 2017 and set the standard into a new dimension with us.  #LetsCelebrate​            

Embracing corporate festivals

Embracing corporate festivals  ​

Corporate events have been around for years, mainly designed to promote the company, its values, ethos, products and team. However, there is a new pattern of thought, a new kid on the block that allows the integration of so many different activities, styles and celebrations that takes corporate events to completely different level that will leave your event the talk of the town. We present The Corporate Festival Company, part of the I do Festival Group to help you plan the event of the year. Why are companies steering away from traditional corporate events and embracing the fun and excitement of a Corporate Festival? It’s because a Corporate Festival offers so much more flexibility and variety over more traditional corporate events. You want a corporate activity day? You can have it combining team building events during the day, board presentations, award ceremonies, key speeches and a eclectic mix of both street food and fine dining options. The choice is very much yours? By day we can provide the boutique festival, by night the black-tie event. Alternatively, how about a night time festival with live bands, fireworks, silent disco’s, fire breathers and stilt walkers. You can always add an extra day and make the second day a family event for all your staff and their families.  There are so many options and so few boundaries with a corporate festival, often the only limitations are your imaginations.  Stand out from the crowd and put on a memorable, first class event that your team and clients will marvel over.Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help steer your event into 2017 making sure that you stand out from the rest.  #LetsCelebrate          ​

ZakFest 2017!

ZakFest 2017!  ​

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the lovely ladies and gents from Zak Agency, a London based independent creative design agency have chosen the Corporate Festival Company to host their 2017 annual event! This event is going to take place on the 16th June at our beautiful Tadley venue in the stunning Hampshire countryside. The Zak Agency are taking a relaxed approach to their corporate event with live bands during the day and evening, street food in the form of a day time BBQ and evening big pan dishes, a country bar with the amazing Primm's station, country dancing, fire pits and a silent disco. All of this is topped off with the fun a paraphernalia that you get at a festival such as festival flags, festoon lighting, glamping and more, all topped off with a scrumptious and almost obligatory full English breakfast bap! Their choice teambuilding is yet to be decided, but the “Zakfest Games”, old skool sports day fun is certainly looking to be right up there as a choice favorite! The Corporate Festival Company has a vast array of available infrastructure and superb ideas that allow us to design and deliver outstanding and bespoke events throughout the UK for your company. Get in touch with our team today to help you plan something exceptional.  Dare to stand out from the rest and put on corporate event with us that will set you aside from rest.  #LetsCelebrate     ​




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